about Dave

Dave Ely lives in Bismarck, North Dakota , where he pursues his passion  for woodcarving. Dave is a self taught sculptor whose main medium is focused on wood and his subject matter is inspired by the wild west and the wildlife surrounding it. Dave leans towards realism in most of his work, but likes to try his hand at caricatures from time to time. 

He has been carving for the better part of  fifteen plus years, with projects varying in size and scope. Dave also likes to experiment with the mediums of steel and bone. Dave and his dogs spend their days in the wood-shop hoping that each piece brings the owner the same  amount of enjoyment that was brought through creating it.  



What Dave creates


Detailed wooden bowls

Wooden bowls carved with character and detail. Designs ranging from fish, buffalo, and bears.

simple wooden bowls

Wooden bowls carved to have subtle detail, but contains the original bark look and feel. 

small buffalo figurines

Small scale wooden carvings of buffalo, a fun staple piece with a North Dakota feel. 


Wooden Vases

Wooden vases with simple details, some containing original bark.

Painted wooden caricatures

Wooden figures of bears, to kids and their horses. Attention to detail is apparent in these wooden sculptures. They are carefully hand carved and painted, making them the perfect custom piece or gift.

Large scale carvings

Wooden carvings on a grand scale. From long horn sheep to a bear standing up, these sculptures are focused on all the important details. The life like structures are realistic and a focal point.






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Pricing for custom Pieces

Custom creations are mostly pre-sold, occasionally Dave will have carvings in stock. If you would like to request a custom piece or check availability of carvings, please inquire Dave through his contact page.

$50- $150

Wooden bowls + caricatures

Dave's caricatures and wooden bowls vary in size and pricing. If you would like a quote or want to check availability of a product please inquire Dave through his contact page.




Product Gallery





Life is better with personalized pieces. If you are interested in a custom order or have any questions, please feel free to contact Me! I look forward to hearing from you.